b. 1991, Russia (USSR), living and working in Tel Aviv – Jaffa.


Solo & Duo exhibitions

2018, “Press.Push.Spray”, Beit Kandinof, Tel Aviv.

2018, “This is where the tree from which the cross was made once grew”, Hacubia, Jerusalem.

2018, “Choose a Landscape”, Hazit, Tel Aviv.


Group exhibitions

2018, Shmezalel Museum, open air exhibition, Jaffa.

2017, “The Victory of Painting”, Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa.

2016, “Winter exhibition”, Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa.

2016, “First congress of the Union of Soviet Artists”, Tranzitdisplay , Prague, CZ.

2016, “Belonging”, Museum of Rishon Le Zion, Rishon Le Zion.

2015, Freedom, Digital Exhibition, New Israel Fund.



2018, MFA, Bezalel – Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv.

2014, BFA, Shenkar – College of Engineering, Design and Art, Tel Aviv.



‘Paintings’ Granta Magazine,2017 (Hebrew)

‘Go Back to Russia’ Granta magazine, 2017 (Hebrew)

‘Belonging’, Exhibition catalogue, 2016 (hebrew)